Advarics compatible Inventory Scanner

MDE Gerät LogiScan-1100 mit Griff
MDE Gerät LogiScan-1100


With this MDE device is a lightweight, powerful and ergonomic handheld for your inventory with the inventory management system Advarics available. The pistol grip allows fatigue-free acquisition of large amounts of data. The MDE device can be operated without a pistol grip. Without handle, the MDE device can easily be stowed in the bag. With one battery charge, the MDE device detects more than 20,000 barcodes. The collected data is provided in Advarics-compatible data format using the Windows software MTWin-5/Advarics.

Wired data communication is supported via RS-232 or Mini USB Cable.

The replaceable Li-ion battery makes it possible to ensure that it is ready for use around the clock.

  • Reader-1D
  • LAN
  • USB
  • RS-232
  • IP50

DisplayGraphics LCD 128 x 64 pixel iluminated
Keyboard19 keys (alphanumeric), 4 funciton keys
Program Memory384 kByte for operating system and application
Data Memory1 MB Flash
InterfacesRS-232, asynchron, 300 – 38.400 Bd, USB
Power SupplyLi-Ion changeable Battery 3,6V 1950 mAh, quickly loadable
Operating Timeat least 20,000 scans depending on specifications (with 100% charged battery)
1D Laser ScannerWave length 650 nm, protection class: CDRH/IEC Klasse II, scan rate: 40 scans/sec., scan distance up to 56 cm, acquisition of all common 1D barcode types
Dimensions153 x 66 x 38 mm (L x B x H)
Weightca. 200 g/240 g (without/with pistol grip)
Environmental ConditionsOperating temperature -20 to 50°C (without wireless communication) +5 to 50°C (with wireless communication), relative huminidity 5 up to 95%, not condensing
Protection ClassIP50
Communication and Charging Cable
  • Connection:
    Scanner = Hirose 16 pol.
    Computer = SubD 9 pol.
  • Art. No. 30001500
  • Charging time: about 3,5 h
  • Interfaces: USB, RS-232, LAN
  • Art. No. 30004606 (USB, RS-232)
  • Art. No. 30004607 (USB, RS-232, LAN)
  • Art. No. 30004609 (only charging function)
Power Supply LogiScan

Only in conjunction with

  • LogiScan-1100 Communication and Charging Cable (Art. No. 30001500)
  • LogiScan-1100 Cradle
  • LogiScan-600/800 Docking Station

Art. No. 30001514

USB Cable 2.0 Mini
  • USB Cable 2.0 Mini 1,5 meter
  • Art. No. 80034003

Barcodes LogiScan-600/800/1100

How can I read barcodes with a LogiScan-600/800/1100 without special application?

  • Call up the system menu on the LogiScan-600/800/1100 (refer to corresponding FAQ).
  • Call menu function Test→Code/RF-ID. "Barcode Test" is displayed in the title line.
  • All barcode types activated in the scanner module can now be scanned. The corresponding barcode type is displayed.

Barcodes Android-based LogiScan LogiScan-600/800/1100

We want to introduce barcode recognition in our company. Which barcode type should we choose?

The different barcode types differ in some cases substantially in terms of the character size, the information density, the max. Number of codable characters and security. While 1D barcodes can be read by almost all barcode readers (1D and 2D barcode scanners) 2D barcode scanners are required for 2D barcodes. All these characteristics and criteria must be taken into account when bar codes are to be used in a company.

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How to avoid read errors when scanning barcodes of type Code 2/5 interleaved?

If this barcode type is set and no further check is carried out (neither by the scanner nor by the application), a very high error rate must be expected. The following measures should be taken:

  • If possible, use a check digit.
  • Use a length fixation. That means, only barcodes with one or two lengths are accepted by the scanner.
  • If there is a constant number of digits within the code, it should be checked by the application.

How do 1D and 2D Barcode Scanners differ?

  • 1D bar code scanners can only read 1D bar codes.
  • 2D barcode scanners can read 1D and 2-D bar codes.

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LogiScan-600/800/1100 MTWin-5

How can I transfer the data received from MTWin-5 into any Windows application?

Using the AutoHotkey Open Source software and a script, you can transfer the data received by MTWin-5 into any Windows application. The demonstration software AutoHotkey Demo for MTWin shows how to do that.

How can I set the name and destination directory for the transferred data?

The transmission option can be selected for the receive file between "Collection File" (the data of all devices are collected in file MTWin.txt) and "Generation with Serial Number" (for each device a separate file is created).

Under Option→Directories, target directory and file name can be set for the received data. Different placeholders (for serial number, station number, date and time) can be used to generate the file name. In this way, it is possible to create a unique file name for each data transfer (detailed description contains the MTWin-5 manual).

A destination path given in the STX line at the beginning of the data transmitted by the mobile terminal replaces the destination path settings made in MTWin-5 and allows the transferred data to be stored in any different directories.

How can I re-transfer data already transferred?

In order to be able to transfer data already transmitted, the data on the device may not be erased by MTWin-5 after the data transmission, but must only be marked as "already transmitted" (MTWin-5 function option> Transmission> after data reception> transmission Lock). For a new data transmission, the "MTWin-5" function must be used to clear the "Utilites→Clear Transmission Lock" function. Subsequently, the data can be retransmitted.

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