MDM - Mobile Device Management

Central Administration of all mobile Devices in the corporate Network

Our MDM solution SOTI MobiControl helps you centrally manage your mobile devices. This solution provides direct support for rugged handheld PCs with barcode or RFID readers as well as Windows CE/Mobile operating systems. Also smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android or Blackberry can be managed. In many cases the SOTI MobiControl Client is already preinstalled by the manufacturer of the devices.

With the following features, SOTI MobiControl provides the foundation for a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution:

Configurations of mobile devices, management of apps

  • Browser-based management console.
  • Easily assign configurations to user or group profiles.
  • Automatic delivery of files (for example, updates) via task scheduler.
  • Quick commissioning of new devices by configuration via barcode scan.
  • Easy reset.

Remote control, monitoring and evaluation

  • Extensive predefined and customizable reports.
  • Access mobile device data, e.g. Installed software, configuration, battery status, WiFi, Bluetooth, serial and IP numbers.
  • Monitoring the status of WLANs.

Platform Independence

Parallel management of mobile devices with Windows operating system CE/Embedded and Handheld/Phone, as well as Android and Apple iOS.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD is the name for the integration of private mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones into the corporate network. This also includes organizational guidelines designed to regulate how employees can use their own smartphones, notebooks and tablets for internal business purposes.

Encryption, Deletion, Blocking

  • Supports all WLAN encryption protocols.
  • Automatically protect or encrypt data using policies.
  • Deletion or encryption of data on a mobile device via remote access.
  • Automatic locking functions in case of theft or loss.


  • Tracking of mobile devices via web-based map via GPS, A-GPS or mobile radio.
  • Geofencing: Alarm when a mobile device leaves a defined range.


  • Full control of company-specific use of mobile devices: use of WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, etc.
  • Block apps (e.g., YouTube, iTunes, etc.).
  • Use of PINs and blocking functions.

For detailed information on SOTI MobilControl please contact contact with us.