Enterprise Management System Odoo and Odoo Mobile Apps

Integration of Android-based MDE devices into Enterprise Management System Odoo

Mobile Android-based MDE devices can either access the Odoo web interface using a web browser or use one or more of Odoo's mobile apps to exchange data with Odoo.

Odoo Web Interface
The web interface of Odoo has a responsive design and is therefore available on all mobile devices, such as Smartphones and tables. As a browser, the aiBrowser is available, Scanners and RFID readers in a simple and elegant way for odoo.

The advantage of using the Odoo web interface with a mobile device is the full Odoo functionality, which is also available when working from a desktop computer.

Odoo Mobile Apps
Odoo Mobile Apps can be installed on mobile data collection devices such as smartphones, tablets, and MDE devices. Odoo Mobile Apps are designed for applications such as Sales, customer management, accounting, point of sale, finance, projects, human resources, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, communication and time recording. The advantage of the Odoo Mobile Apps is the user interface tailored to mobile devices.

The following of our Android-based MDE devices are suitable for working with Odoo:

The Android app devin (for barcode and RFID management) and the aiBrowser are preinstalled on these MDE devices. After opening the Odoo web interface with the aiBrowser, or installing and setting up the Odoo Mobile App, barcode and RFID tags can be processed directly in conjunction with odoo.