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Functionality of devin


Barcode and RFID Management for Android-based LogiScan

The Android app devin allows the transfer of the scanned barcode scanner or RFID reader data of an android-based LogiScan to the keyboard buffer or the clipboard. Alternatively, a broadcast message is possible. Thus, the bar code scanner and RFID reader can serve as a data source for each app.

  • Each input device can be activated separately.
  • To each input device a key code (can be determined with the Keyboard app from the AppCenter) and a prefix can be assigned.
  • If barcodes and RFID tags are to be provided for any existing applications and web pages that do not have any influence on programming, the keyboard buffer is recommended. That means that barcodes and transponder tag IDs appear as keyboard input for the app.
  • Prefixes and suffixes can be defined common for all input devices.
  • The passed string can be completed with Enter or Tab.
  • Scanned data can be output as a message.
  • Apps can change the scanner settings.
  • If no bar code read and this option is enabled, the scanner turns off when you release the button, if the other switches off after a timeout.

This video demonstrates the functionality of devin (YouTube)

Android Apps
Configuration software
  • This download package contains all the tools and documents needed to program custom apps for the TWN4 transponder module which is integrated in the AT-120. With a custom app, the behavior of the AT-120 can be changed.

devin RFID TCP Bridge

With the help of the TCP-Bridge mode in devin you can communicate directly with the LF / HF RFID module installed in the android-based LogiScan. The communication takes place via a TCP-Telnet connection, e.g. via PuTTY or TeraTerm. This makes it easier to test and develop your own apps. This video shows how to set up the TCP bridge in devin.

What Advantages do android-based Devices from aitronic offer?

This video shows you how easy it is to integrate barcode scanners and RFID readers into existing and self-developed apps and web applications for android-based LogiScan by aitronic using the Android app devin is.


The Windows software devinHID can be used to receive data which was scanned by devin on a android-based LogiScan via WLAN. devinHID writes the received data into the Windows keyboard buffer. So you can use data, e.g. Write directly into an Excel spreadsheet or similar.

devin and JTL-WMS Mobile App

This video shows how scanned barcode data is transferred to the JTL-WMS Mobile App using devin via the keyboard buffer.

Barcode and RFID Management

The Android app devin allows you to transfer the data scanned from the barcode scanner or RFID reader of an android-based LogiScan to the keyboard buffer or the clipboard of Android. Alternatively, a broadcast message is also possible. Thus, the barcode scanner and the RFID reader can serve as a data source for each app.